Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I dislike PHOTOSHOP!

On this course so far the work i have least enjoyed was the photoshop work shop. This is because im not the best with computers and i would rather spend my time making a collarge in my sketch book or drawing a scribbly image for my project. The reason i dont like photoshop is not because of the work shop we had to go too, its because i feel that its not art. And i want to be on this course to be able to do design and artwork. In the class ive noticed folk hand in work and all they have done is something on photoshop and then filtered it or whatever, I just personally dont think that fiddling around with a mouse and clicking print is what makes a good designer or artist.


Blogger Duncan Harrison said...

Intriguing point here Charlotte - there are communities and individuals who feel that CAD has resulted in a loss of craftsmanship and more specifically creativity! What particularly intrigues me is the following: Given our recent discussions on the nature of drawing and its meaning/being(or ontology if you prefer) you consider blind drawing to be art but CAD isn't art. How do you rationalise this position? I'm not implying that your position here is wrong, but there are deep rooted fundamental issues that could be addressed here.

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