Wednesday, May 24, 2006


When we were first assigned the breif for the architecture project i was quite dissapointed because it said we had to do observational drawings of architecture. I am not the best at drawing with a pencil or pen and im not very confident at drawing an accurate looking building ( it that makes sense! i hope it does) However as i plodded along with the project i began to use different materials to draw with such as, charcoal, collarge and finger painting. These are all types of drawing. I think its a shame when people presume that a drawing is a drawing when you use a pencil and draw it by hand so its an accurate observational image. To me a drawing can be anything e.g blind drawing, collarge, painting with your toes and fingers whatever. As long as you see it as a drawing it is a drawing.


Blogger Duncan Harrison said...

Some interesting points here Charlotte although I feel that we have discussed far more issues and aspects of critical diary than you have recorder here. This is a shame as some of your thoughts were working on quite a complex and menaingful level and they are not evidenced here.

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