Wednesday, May 24, 2006


When we were first assigned the breif for the architecture project i was quite dissapointed because it said we had to do observational drawings of architecture. I am not the best at drawing with a pencil or pen and im not very confident at drawing an accurate looking building ( it that makes sense! i hope it does) However as i plodded along with the project i began to use different materials to draw with such as, charcoal, collarge and finger painting. These are all types of drawing. I think its a shame when people presume that a drawing is a drawing when you use a pencil and draw it by hand so its an accurate observational image. To me a drawing can be anything e.g blind drawing, collarge, painting with your toes and fingers whatever. As long as you see it as a drawing it is a drawing.

Favourite Flim

My favourite flim of all time has to be Breakfast at Tiffanys. I absoultley love it. Because i think that Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty. She looks amazing in the film. Her character Holly Golightly is this kooky loveable young woman who is all mixed up and abit of a fuck up. She had a funny upbringing, being married to a hillbilly farmer at the age of 15. She decided to run away to New York city and have a fabulous lifestyle. To pay for this lifestyle she goes to dinner with rich business men and then charges them 50 dollars everytime she goes to the powder room just because shes so gorgeous and charming she knows they will pay it, just to be out on a date with her. I feel its a nice easy watching, rainy sunday afternoon, snuggled up under a pile of cosy blankets, drinking hot chocolate and eating fresh cream apple turnovers (my favourite sweet treat) type of film. I just love it!

I dislike PHOTOSHOP!

On this course so far the work i have least enjoyed was the photoshop work shop. This is because im not the best with computers and i would rather spend my time making a collarge in my sketch book or drawing a scribbly image for my project. The reason i dont like photoshop is not because of the work shop we had to go too, its because i feel that its not art. And i want to be on this course to be able to do design and artwork. In the class ive noticed folk hand in work and all they have done is something on photoshop and then filtered it or whatever, I just personally dont think that fiddling around with a mouse and clicking print is what makes a good designer or artist.


I find the majority of lectures that i have actually been to, boring. I think the content of them tends to be not very interesting. I take notes when im in the lecture but after that i dont do anything else with them! They sit in my bedroom gathering dust, i'l never look at them again. However i have been to a couple of lectures that i really did enjoy, these were taken by Ian Neal. I really listened to what was being said because i felt included. I feel he makes the lectures exciting and worth actually getting out of bed and turning up for. And the other bloke that does them too, Chris ( im afraid i cant remember his second name) Hes good as well. Makes the lectures interesting and worth while.

Thursday, May 04, 2006